Our Philosophy

Amble Architecture is a Colorado-based Architecture and Interior Design studio focused on creating modern homes in the mountains.

We create Architecture based on three important notions. Our first source of inspiration begins with place. A building’s site dictates the Architecture and a sensual experience is created based on the spirit of the place. Next is a special consideration to our client’s unique daily rituals. Observing how our clients move through the world from day to day, we create homes specific to their lives that enrich their lifestyle. Lastly, using natural materials, simple forms, and precise detailing, our buildings adapt to, not over power, the natural landscape.
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Who We Are

Andrea Mast and Colin Ostman are Colorado licensed Architects with vast amounts of experience working for some of the top award-winning architectural offices in the country. We met in Architecture school at the University of Colorado and it was evident that we shared many of the same values and made a good team. After spending several years apart, Andrea working in Denver, Colin working in Seattle and San Francisco, we decided to reunite on the Pacific Crest Trail. This adventure not only planted the seeds for Amble Architecture, but it solidified our partnership in life. Recognizing that we’re most inspired when outside, we returned to Colorado to pursue our passion for making spaces connected to the landscape.
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