Euclid House

Floating roofs lift to the west to reveal views of the iconic ridge line above Boulder, while nodding to the iconic, repetitious, geological form.

Located in The Hill neighborhood in Boulder at the foot of the Flatirons, the Euclid House is set on the gently sloping site of an exposed corner lot. We were challenged to open the house up to the surrounding nature, but protect the interior spaces from views in. This was achieved by strategically placing solid forms below to provide privacy, and open up expansive clerestory windows above to frame views of the ridge line.
The experience of the house is oriented around a private courtyard that opens to the south. A covered patio provides shelter from precipitation and the harsh Colorado sun in order to create a four season outdoor space. Occupying the entire upper level, the master suite opens up to expansive views of the mountains to the southwest and a private roof deck.
*This project is a collaboration with Laura Schaeffer Architect and Smiley Construction