High View House

Reminiscent of the historic gold mining structures of the area, the High View House is separated into a series of lightweight structures that cling to an exposed band of ridge rock above Boulder, Colorado.

The 7-acre, steeply sloped property is located in the coveted Pine Brook Hills neighborhood, in the Boulder foothills. This setting offers both serene mountain living with direct access to Boulder’s cherished open space trail system, and the convenience of being 15-minutes from downtown’s Pearl Street Mall. This contrast between city and mountain life is the essence of the home’s concept.
The house is positioned to straddle the ridgeline, exposing magnificent views over the city to the East, and mountain views of the Indian Peaks to the West. The home is composed of 3 separate pavilions sitting atop and cantilevering from an earth-colored concrete base. Each pavilion, set at different elevations, becomes a special moment along the ridgeline, emulating the experience of a backcountry ridge walk by weaving between dramatic outcroppings and highlighting exposure, expansive views, sunlight, and fresh mountain air. The concrete base contains the enclosed, private spaces, contrasting the openness of the pavilions and creating a reprieve from the expansive landscape. As the concrete form steps down the ridge, the home follows the profile of the topography, nestling itself into its surroundings.