Forest House

The repetitious pattern of filtered light and shadow experienced on a walk through the forest brings nostalgia of the trip of a lifetime to a thru-hiker of the Pacific Crest Trail.

Located in northern Michigan, the Forest House is a linear timber structure set on a raised masonry base of locally harvested stone. It's horizontal form contrasts the endless verticality of the forest, and it's repetitious structure mirrors it. An oasis at the end of a long trail, this house slipped between the trees is tied to it's history and surroundings through material and form.
The linear walk from one end of the house to the other, with regularly placed vertical voids, emulates the experience of walking between the trees. Spaces arranged along this path are each given a unique exposure to the outdoors. With the public spaces completely open, and the private spaces more enclosed, each morning is a release into nature as you move from the bedroom to the living space. Like emerging from your tent after a slumber of exhaustion on a thru-hike, each morning is a fresh start to appreciate what the earth has in store.